All Rights Reserved RELEASED!

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General ECC News

All Rights Reserved cover

Announcing: Our first new album in over seven years!

We're very pleased to announce that our new album is now finally and officially released!  All Rights Reserved is now available as a double CD, on vinyl, or download.

It's just a shame you can't listen to it.

"The lawyers had concerns," ECC's TradeMark Gunderson explains. "Although we felt tracks like our 'What Would You Think If I Sang AutoTune' were clearly parody as well as Fair Use, the legal types thought they were lawsuit-bait." To give the label and the band an extra line of legal defense, the album includes a Listener License Agreement, a set of terms and conditions like those required in order to install computer software. "Fair Use or not, a track like 'Stairway To Britney' could easily offend a litigious party," says Seeland Industries lawyer Sandy Kryle. "We thought the best solution would be a legal agreement that forbids anyone -- everyone -- from listening. Period."

Even with the Listener License Agreement, the product was too hot for some to handle. Both the pressing plant as well as the distributor initially refused to handle the album, saying that All Rights Reserved was too risky -- a surprising reaction in an era when even Girl Talk can't muster a single major label complaint.

"We're not crazy about the idea of suing our fans," says ECC band member Christy Brand. "But it seems to work for the RIAA."

All Rights Reserved CD
Double CD
(bonus disc with outtakes, commentary tracks, etc.)

All Rights Reserved vinyl LP
Vinyl LP
(180 gram orange vinyl in gatefold sleeve)


CD & LP are distributed by Revolver USA to cool local music stores who REALLY need your support... and even to ones that don't, like Amazon.  Want more of your money will reach the artists?  Mailorder it worldwide directly from Seeland (Negativland's label) who put the album out in the first place.  It's also available through Revolver's Midheaven Mailorder.  

MP3 & Digital Download are being handled by TuneCore who's made it a download from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, eMusic, Zune, MediaNet, Shockhound, Nokia, Napster, Thumbplay, and IMVU.  The download is the CD version disc one only, but at least some of the bonus disc content will be available on our website soon.


Tracklist: (CD)

  1. Listener License Agreement (1:46)
  2. What Would You Think If I Sang AutoTune (2:02)
  3. Pertaining to the Beat (4:44)
  4. The Shakes (2:39)
  5. Don't Let The Devil Blow Your Mind (4:32)
  6. Stairway to Britney (2:44)
  7. Machine Love (2:54)
  8. Pwn Monkey (2:42)
  9. Listener License Agreement Reminder (1:14)
  10. IGA Giant Pineapple Party (2:09)
  11. Freaky People (3:08)
  12. California Dreamings (1:40)
  13. Like You Use Me (4:23)
  14. Feel Like Breakin' Love (4:42)
  15. Hillbilly Beatboxing (4:27)
  16. Fock It (1:57)
  17. Is That All There Could Be? (0:33)
  18. Media Trust (1:19)

Vinyl LP:

Side 1: (20:01.12)

  1. Listener License Agreement (1:46.57)
  2. What Would You Think If I Sang AutoTune (2:02.64)
  3. Pertaining to the Beat (3:30.23)
  4. The Shakes (2:39.52)
  5. Don't Let The Devil Blow Your Mind (4:32.52)
  6. Machine Love (2:47.05)
  7. Pwn Monkey (2:41.59)

Side 2: (19:08.18)

  1. Listener License Agreement Reminder (1:14.22)
  2. IGA Giant Pineapple Party (2:10.23)
  3. California Dreamings (1:40.13)
  4. Like You Use Me (4:23.56)
  5. Feel Like Breakin' Love (3:38.05)
  6. Hillbilly Beatboxing (4:27.74)
  7. Is That All There Could Be? (0:33.59)
  8. Media Trust (0:59.66)