Sound Of Plaid Best Of 2012

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The Sound Of Plaid episode 2012.12.31:  BEST OF 2012

TradeMark and Frilly in the studio

The Sound Of Plaid looks back to our best moments of 2012!  Year-end clip shows are almost as predictable as the end of the year itself, but after years of broadcasting this is our first.  And what a good year for it, with guests like Ruckus Roboticus, Moldover, Otis Fodder, Ocean Ghosts, Mary Jo Bole, Kumquat, Lady Monster... add our inventive show themes like Listener Requests and there's too many great bits than we can pack into a two hour show!  Thanks to all our guests and especially to our devoted listeners!

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

Band:   Song:   Episode:
Lee Michaels   Live Glitch-Up   2012.03.22
Apollo 100   Popcorn   2012.05.24 Listener Requests V
Copp and Brown   Mr. and Mrs. Destitute   2012.07.26 Freeform
Kraddy   The Illegal Album   2012.07.26 Freeform
Ruckus Roboticus   Thank God Its Funky world premiere   2012.08.23 Ruckus Roboticus
Ocean Ghosts   Randy The Drunken Party Mime theme song   2012.06.21 Ocean Ghosts
Ocean Ghosts   Randy The Drunken Party Mime interview   2012.06.21 Ocean Ghosts
Mary Kay   Party Preparation   2012.04.26 Genie Can Do
Yoko Ono   Fly   2012.03.15 The In Box
Gershon Kingsley   Crash! Bang! Crunch & Pow!   2012.03.15 The In Box
Munch Munch   Double Vision   2012.10.11 Moldover
Moldover   Cash   2012.10.11 Moldover
Donna Summer   I Feel Love live trainwreck   2012.07.19 Freeform
The Bran Flakes   Van Pop   2012.05.03 Otis Fodder
Leonard Nimoy   Sunny   2012.03.08 Lady Monster
The Evolution Control Committee   Jessiematic (ending)   2012.11.08 James Davis
Synek   Paradiba   2012.11.08 James Davis
The Evolution Control Committee   Frog Jam (The Government Is Bankrupt)   2012.01.12 Listener Requests III
George Fischoff Complex   Ping-Pong (request for Extreme Stereo)   2012.01.12 Listener Requests III
The Evolution Control Committee   Ping-Pong Percussion Power Party (request for Extreme Stereo)   2012.01.12 Listener Requests III
Phyllis Diller   Satisfaction   2012.01.19 Outsider Music
Herve Villachez   Why Do People Have To Fight   2012.01.19 Outsider Music
Holiday Inn   Filmstrip soundtrack   2012.05.17 Credit
Residents   God In Three Parts opening credits   2012.05.17 Credit
Cassetteboy   Blair vs Bush   2012.10.19 Kumquat
Kumquat   Filthy Beauty   2012.10.19 Kumquat
Lynn and Hy Glaser   Long E Song   2012.02.16 Educational Records
Bob Borough   Interview about stealing music   2012.02.16 Educational Records
Raymond Scott   Happy Farmer   2012.04.12 Listener Requests IV

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