Sound Of Plaid Archive: Special Guest ESTEFAN (Former Radio Pirate)

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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2013.05.27:  Special Guest ESTEFAN (Former Radio Pirate)

Today's Sound Of Plaid guest is Estefan, who spearheaded a pirate radio station 14 years ago here in Columbus Ohio which featured weekly shows from Grootnik P. Bargelights (aka Plaid host TradeMark G) and a handful of talented others.  In this episode we listen to hilarious clips from Grootnik/TradeMark hosted shows about subjects like Flowbees, square music, mustard, and The Rare Jazz At The Wrong Speed Hour.  A great document of a great era of local pirate radio!

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

Band: Song:
MC Paul Barnum Old Paul
Grootnik, Estefan and Lydia Modern Dance
Grootnik, Estefan and Lydia Gay Music
Grootnik, Estefan and Lydia Hand Jive
Grootnik and Estefan Plug for Stupidfest and Burning Corn
Grootnik and Estefan Flowbees and Square Music
Grootnik and Estefan Walking Frog
Grootnik and Estefan Mustard
Grootnik P. Bargelights Rare Jazz Hour at the Wrong Speed
Grootnik and Beating Eric Hip Hop and Finger Counting
Grootnik and Beating Eric Jan Hammer, Axel F and George not R Crumb
Grootnik and Estefan Negativland / U2 and Casey Kasem
Grootnik P. Bargelights What's Wrong with TV
Grootnik and Estefan Flat Food / Weird Food Habits
Grootnik P. Bargelights Girl From Ipanema
Grootnik P. Bargelights If I Only Had a Brain
Grootnik and Jason Economy Sized Things
Grootnik P. Bargelights Wine Record Back Announce
The Evolution Control Committee Deconstructing Beck
Grootnik and His Foreign Honey Where Does the Sidewalk End
Grootnik and Estefan White Castles By The "Sack"

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