New website goes LIVE!

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General ECC News

It is with great pleasure that I declare this new website of The ECC to be LIVE!

Yes, years past due, our old link-rotted web-barnacled home page has finally been retired.  No more yellow backgrounds, no more late-90's design sense, and yes we promise, no more auto-playing loops on our front page. The new website should accommodate a lot of web things that we'd wanted to do previously but were handcuffed by our outdated site.  Huzzah!

Now, we can let you hear our MP3s through on-screen players.  We can share unfinished projects and experimental ideas we're working on.  We can keep a show calendar that actually looks like a calendar.  You can search everything on the site easily through the search box in the upper right.  We have high hopes for the new site and plan to keep it buzzing with activity.

So, take a look around.  There's plenty of MP3s to listen to, videos to watch, a growing discography, and much more.  Enjoy, and keep visiting!

- TradeMark G.
ECC Co-Founder and Thimbletron virtuoso