Kill Bill - An Intellectual Property Bill, That Is

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Appalled that the RIAA has (so far) sued 30,000 people individually to extort thousands of dollars from each?  Which never, ever goes to the artists they're suing over?

How would you like your US tax dollars to pay for that?

If your answer is "Hell No!", you should pay attention to "The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Act of 2008" (S. 3325) which is poised to do just that.  From

By Alex Curtis on September 16, 2008 - 2:53pm

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee gave the green light to S. 3325, the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Act of 2008. We need you to show them the red light, NOW! This intellectual property enforcement bill lets the DOJ enforce civil copyright claims and lets the government do the MPAA and RIAA’s intellectual property rights enforcement work for them—at tax payers’ expense.

Now, the bill’s backers are pushing to have it pass the Senate as early as today (09/16/08) via a streamlined procedure, without the full Senate voting on the measure. Tell members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that you don’t want your tax dollars spent on DOJ’s civil enforcement of copyright, and to put a hold on the bill.


(We’re using the awesome Cause Caller for this alert, so be ready to speak to a number of different Senate offices, rapid-fire style! We’ve picked Senators who may be like-minded in opposing this bill. Of course, feel free to call your own Senators.)

We used Cause Caller to call all 11 senators for free and hassle free.  Can you?