ECC:05.2009: Bootie SF / Foibles Mench Opera / Radio archives

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General ECC News

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Welcome to May -- the big month with the shortest name.

For The Evolution Control Committee this should be a productive month.  With our travels to Europe, Seattle, and Los Angeles are out of the way we have 7 weeks until The ECC goes down under to Australia for the Liquid Architecture and On Edge festivals, followed quickly by the Ingenuity Cleveland festival.  During those 7 weeks work on our new album "All Rights Reserved" becomes top priority!  The majority of tracks are done, but there's still a lot of producing, mastering, artwork, promotion, and more to do before a release date is even in site.  Our rough target: this fall.

So if that's our top priority, why the heck did we agree to perform every single weekend this month?  oops?

If you're in San Francisco, don't miss Saturday's show!  Bootie is the biggest mashup music club night in the world -- this will be massive!

SHAKE YOUR BOOTIE: The ECC Returns to the Mashup Mecca this Saturday

Bootie's mashup empire has been growing with imperial zeal, reaching many major cities in the US, Europe, and even Australia and now in Beijing.  Although The ECC performed at Bootie's LA night just a couple months ago, it's been a couple years since The ECC headlined at Bootie's mothership night here in San Francisco.  And it is MASSIVE!  They had to make their monthly night twice monthly because they were regularly selling out the 1,500-ish capacity DNA Lounge every month.

That means this will easily be the largest US audience yet to see our new VidiMasher 3000, which has been dropping jaws everywhere.  The VidiMasher shares our mashup secrets with you -- watch and see how all of our live, improvised mashups are cut and pasted right on the spot.  It's made our Wheel Of Mashup shows really fun, really amazing, and really unique.

WHAT: The Wheel Of Mashup & VidiMasher 3000 @ Bootie SF
              w/Adrian & the Mysterious D, Dada, Tim Barsky, DJs Malderor & Mad Murdock
WHEN: This Saturday, May 9th, 2009 / 9pm / ECC @ 11pm
WHERE: DNA Lounge / 375 11th @ Harrison / San Francisco, CA
HOW MUCH: $12 / Half price before 10pm / 21+

RADIO ACTIVE: Archives of Recent ECC Visits from Radio

The ECC recently paid another visit to the ubRadio Salon, the weekly internet radio show of Big City Orchestra on DFM Radio International.  We believe this collaboration made for the best show yet!  Joined once again by Univac, the two-hour show of improvised sounds and music had a handful of memorable moments.  But don't take our word for it:  Listen to the archive of that episode (as well as other episodes ECC has participated in) thanks to

Our interview on Another Nice Mess with DJ Marcelle was quite good, and we thought it a shame that the archive would only be available on her site for one week.  So:  Now for your permanent listening pleasure, our complete interview (aired April 14th, 2009).

The ECC has our own radio show too: The Sound Of Plaid airs every Thursday on Shouting Fire:

10a PST / 1p EST
 2p PST / 5p EST   (repeat)
 6p PST / 9p EST   (repeat)

OPERATRON: "Foibles Mench" Mashes Up Opera, Robots, Dance, and ECC

Longtime collaborator (Gaga; Cheese & Pants Theater), friend, and fellow Ohio ex-pat Gary Xaoui is producing an opera (as it were) to be performed one night only, Saturday May 16th 2009, with music produced and directed by The ECC's TradeMark G.  While talking with Xaoui he summed up the show in this quip:

"Think SRL... but with a plot."

THE OPERA NEEDS:  Drummers / Dancers / Set Builders
... and robots too, in case you have some... or are one.

For more info, email Gary Xaoui < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > or TradeMark G. < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >.

Foibles Mench - Opera! Robots! Fire!
Live Mixed Arts Performance Depicts Man's Evolution and Destruction

HOW: Live performers, robots and clever props; tell the tale of the evolution of humanity from primitive to modern and beyond. Humans use machines first to improve and then to unwittingly destroy their environment, with the machines eventually taking over and destroying everything including themselves.

WHAT: "Foibles Mench" (man's folly) is a combination of performance, robots and live music that synthesizes opera, modern dance, and fire/machine art to present a narrative of the birth, destruction, and rebirth of civilization.
WHY: Everyone loves fire and robots - this event combines a variety of performance art styles with a strong plot and well planned sight-lines so that everyone can see the action!
WHERE: NIMBY, 8410 Amelia Street, Oakland CA 94621 (
WHEN: Saturday, MAY 16th at 10pm (Doors open at 8pm).
COST: Cost: $15 advance, $20 at the door (

- TradeMark G. / The Evolution Control Committee