ECC On The Road: Toronto; Cincinnati

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General ECC News

The ECC returns from a successful venture to the northeast:

TORONTO:  The debut of our performance " Space: The Vinyl Frontier" at the Deep Wireless Festival went very well, and earned us some very positive reactions and feedback.  Mucho documentary materials were juggled live via vinyl, thanks to Ms Pinky's Interdimensional Wrecked System (quite appopriate for the intergalactic Voyager Golden Record).  We hope to acquire a recording of the show from Deep Wireless in the future, but until then you can enjoy this blog entry from, including a nice video clip:

Culture jammer TradeMark G. (aka Mark Gunderson) did a half-hour-ish set following the Deep Wireless ensemble / PORTRAITS IN SOUND 2 performance, with Kaos pad and tone arm and laptop etc. in tow. 

Clip from SPACE: THE VINYL FRONTIER by TradeMark G. from justing on Vimeo.

There's also a good set of still photos on Flickr courtesy of Lab Rat's Sean C.

CINCINNATI:  DJ Empirical invites The ECC / DJ Pantshead as a guest DJ at Schwartz, the night he and The Librarian run at the Clique Lounge. In addition to the swell flyer/poster he made for the night, he also took some video:

SCHWARZ vids on youtube, part 1
last night i upped a few of the short vids i took at SCHWARZ last week. they were a bit dark so i lightened them a couple notches. i'm no video guy, so they kinda look like crap, but whatev.

Empirical also put up a set of Flickr photos from the night, including one additional video clip.