Album review of All Rights Reserved in Rock & Roll Report

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Rock & Roll Report logoMatheson Kamin reviewed The ECC's All Rights Reserved album for Rock & Roll Report, comprehensively reviewing every single track -- thanks Matheson!  Read the full review -- or at least this excerpt:

Once upon a time in the music industry, there used to be something called the “novelty album,” a release that contained something unique or unusual that would be outside of “the norm”. Whether it was an album of music from another country recorded in another language, someone making a demonstration that could be described without the need for visual examples, or simply humorous music that would not fit into the “pop” category, the “novelty album” was always strange or unique. This is one category that seems to have all but disappeared from today’s music industry…….well, maybe not entirely.

Enter All Rights Reserved, the 2011 release from The Evolution Control Committee.The Evolution Control Committee consists of TradeMark Gunderson and Christy “Frillypants” Brand. Together, Gunderson and Brand have created an album in All Rights Reserved that can only be categorized as a “novelty album,” especially since the entire release was constructed using other people’s music to create the songs contained within the release. What else would you call the album but “novelty”?