Sound Of Plaid Archive: Freeform IX

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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2013.05.13:  Freeform IX

Freeform IX mixes music from the 1920's to the present featuring some great one-minute masterpieces from the Visionaire 53 Sound compilation plus tracks from DJ Food, Wevie Stonder, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, and an excerpt from 70's sampler Orchid Spangiafora's one and only live performance just this year.

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Band: Song: Album:
Black Tambourine For Ex-Lovers Only Black Tambourine
Jun Togawa Sayonara wo Oshiete Suki-Suki-Daisuki
Unknown Spoken Intro Wild Wild World Of Mondo Movie
Lawrence English Chiroptera Liquid Architecture 6
Wevie Stonder The Chives Of March Stoat
Unknown Warning Wild Wild World Of Mondo Movie
Oliver Schories Sunday Herzensangelegenheit
Sene Opening Act Pavement Special
DJ Food Brother John The Search Engine: Expanded & Extended
DJ Food Respect Is Due Jazz Brakes Volume 3
DJ Food The Food Song Jazz Brakes Volume 2
Cory Arcangel Check Ya Later Visionaire 53 Sound (Sides 6-10)
Brother John Rydgren The Noise Silhouette Segments Disc 1
Fergie Untitled Visionaire 53 Sound (Sides 1-5)
TOWA TEI One Minute of Love Visionaire 53 Sound (Sides 1-5)
Instituto Featuring Fernandinho Beatboxsamba Visionaire 53 Sound (Sides 6-10)
No Bra Fags In A Time Tunnel Visionaire 53 Sound (Sides 6-10)
Anne Dudley Ft Stephen Fry And Hugh Laurie Jeeves And Wooster Say Tinkety Tonk The World Of Jeeves And Wooster
Fantastic Plastic Machine Sex Visionaire 53 Sound (Sides 1-5)
Adrock The Dog Park Mix Visionaire 53 Sound (Sides 1-5)
Moxy Früvous Laika Bargainville
Comander Chris Hadfield Space Oddity  
Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry Monster Adventures in Outer Space Flexi
Terry Snyder Putting on the Ritz Unique Percussion
Ferrante and Teicher Cumana Soundblast
Leroy Anderson The Typewriter Song Leroy Anderson Conducts Leroy Anderson
Raymond Scott Quintet Girl at the Typewriter Microphone Music
Jellyroll Morton Billy Goat Stomp Complete Recorded Sides 1926-1930, Disc 1
Orchid Spangiafora Live April 18, 2013 YOD, Florence, MA
Kenna Daylight Make Sure They See My Face
Zen Paradow Circuit Sculpture Liquid Architecture 6
Clare Cooper Missing A Lip mixed with Your Marriage: A Lifelong Honeymoon Liquid Architecture 6

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