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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2013.06.10:  Machines

The Sound Of Plaid automates: it's MACHINES as today's show theme! Mechanical, electronic, we play you the whirs and clunks of mechanical men, copy machines, and a bit from a recent performance at a Robot Art Show on the history of the vocoder, the machine that makes you sound like a machine.

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

Band: Song:
DJ Pantshead Machines Dehumanize
Bruce Haak Party Machine
Mr. Oizo Inside the Kidney Machine
The Evolution Control Committee Machine Love
Dean Elliot and His Big Band The Lonesome Road
Dean Elliot and His Big Band Its All Right With Me
Dean Elliot and His Big Band Will You Still Be Mine
Sesame Street The R Machine
Bent Bolt and the Nuts Mechanical Man
Laura Scuder's Magic Record Mechanical Man
Bob Dorough Body Machine
Eclectic Method Sex Machine Remix
Dynamix Machine Planet
Raymond Scott The Rhythm Modulator
Daft Punk Steam Machine
Xerophonics Canon Image Runner 210S
Xerophonics Xerox 5818
Barry Gray Short Excerpt from Hoover P Matic Washing Machine Documentary Score
Mojo Nixon Machines Ain't Music
The Evolution Control Committee Live Excerpt from the Vocoder History performance at Robot Art Show (2013.06.07)
Ten Speed Guillotine Adding Machine
Willy Wonka Soundtrack The Bubble Machine
Coconut Monkeyrocket The Fad Machine
William Shattner Silver Machine
The Flying Lizards Machine Sex
The Ting Tings Fruit Machine
Cassix Copy Machine

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