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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2013.07.22: Otherworldly Music

This week's theme is the far, FAR out sound of Otherwordly Music:  songs of the planets (from Mercury to Uranus), the Stars (Wars & Trek), and beyond!

Download the episode, or listen to it now:


Band: Song:
DJ Pica Pica Pica Let's Go to Mars
Datarock Night Flight to Uranus
Animal Collective Mercury Man
Base Trip Base Planet Beats
Langley Schools Music Project Venus and Mars
Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britian Another Girl, Another Planet
Perrey and Kingsley Jungle Blues from Jupiter
Perrey and Kingsley Carousel of the Planets
Perrey and Kingsley Saturn Ski Jump
Alain Goraguer Deshominisation
Esquivel The Breeze and I (Andalucia)
Esquivel Night and Day
Sounds Galactic Roundtrip Mars
Sun Ra Cosmic Chaos
Gil Melle Andromeda
Lenard Nimoy Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth
Craig Huxley Star Trek theme
Logan's Run Love Shop
Patrick Gleeson Star Wars theme song
The Electric Moog Orchestra Star Wars theme song
The Now Sound Orchestra Star Wars theme song
Spaceballs Soundtrack Main title theme
Raymond Scott Celebration on Planet Mars
The Billy Nayer Show Jupiter Arena
Louis and Bebe Baron Once Around Altair
Rocky Jones and supporting cast Shipwrecked on Planet X
The Funky Lowlives Saturn Return

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