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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2013.10.21:  Kids Show

Set sail for fun, kids! All aboard the SS Plaid for our Kids Show with Captain TradeMark and Yeoman Frilly, as we take an uncharted tour of youth-oriented fare from Esther Nelson & Bruce Haack, Roosevelt Franklin (the black muppet), Pee-Wee Herman...  hmmm, were all these LPs really for children?? Take a listen and decide for yourself!

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

Band: Song:
The Electric Company Theme Song
Children's Disco Musical Story Track 2
Mini Pops Novelty Medley
Sesame Street Mobity Mosely's Months
Fat Albert Creativity
Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson EIO (New McDonald)
Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson Soul Transportation
Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson Popcorn
Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson School for Robots
Pee Wee Herman Show Side 1 (Live @ Roxy Theater, Los Angeles 1981)
Mr. Dressup Tickle Truck
"Alice in Wonderland" starring Magilla Gorilla Side 1 (mixed with music below)
Rock-a-bye Baby Kashmir (Led Zepplin)
The Funky Phantom Side 2
Slim Goodbody The B-R-E-A-K-F-A-S-T High
No More Feeling Yucky The Not-So-Tidy Teeth Story
Songs of Friendship and Health and Manners Safety Never Play With Matches
McGruff the Crime Dog Strangers Don't Look Strange
Kojak 5 Star Final
The Amazing Adventures of Pac Man Side 1
The Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Berserker
Asteroids Atari Theme
Gumdrop Follies Side 1
Sifl and Olly Dude's House (I guess this means we won't be partying at)
Sifl and Olly Cresent Fresh Song
Sifl and Olly Chester's past growing up in a tap dancing troupe
Sifl and Olly Prostitute Laundry
Sifl and Olly Up Here In the Cabinets
Jaws of the Shark Side 1
Good Cue Sign Sea Monsters
Bill Cosby Dope Pusher

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