Sound Of Plaid Archive: The Lost Time Of The Year

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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2013.12.30:  The Lost Time Of The Year

This week between Xmas & NYE is always a dead zone isn't it? We're celebrating that on this show: our last Sound Of Plaid this year, during the last week of the year -- the Lost Time of every year.

Download the episode, or listen to it now:


Band Song
Good Buddy It's a Stickup
Xaf The Fix
Michael Fakesch Take Your Fingers
Thomas Brinkmann Ulla
Melodysheep Monsters of the Cosmos
Conquer the Video Craze Inroduction / Defender
Graeme Revell The Sleeping Sickness
Charles Atlas Sun with Teeth (Sybarite Remix)
Xaviera Telephone Conversation
Isaac Hayes Ike's Rap V
Rutabaga Strings Gonna Get You
Cold Cut What's That Noise?
The History of Unheard Music No, no, no, no, no!
Stock, Hausen and Walkman Upset
Dick Hyman Moon Gas
Felix Kubin Phonebashing
Truckin' On Let's Truck Together
T. Hill/L. Fike Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Shisho It's Coming To Get You - It's A Clown
The Kirby Grips Fireman
My Bloody Valentine Is This And Yes
The New Math The Quinary, or Base Five, System
Dean Elliot Lonesome Road (Remix by u-Ziq)
Sammy Davis Jr. Get It On
The Evolution Control Committee I Want A Cookie
Motor Michael's Melody

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