Sound Of Plaid Archive: Listener Requests X

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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2014.06.09:  Listener Requests X

One of our fave show themes this time: Listener Requests!  But The Sound Of Plaid only takes vague requests, and this time that included Bacon, Robohormones, Newspaper Dolly, and Moss... it's up to TradeMark and Frilly to pick something to match. Thanks to everyone who made requests and suggested matches!

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

Request: Request By: Song: Band: Matcher:
Broccoli brain Tadpole Pigeontoe Broccoli Stock, Hausen & Walkman TM
    Broccoli Wars Noisy Stylus TM
A Good Year jt It Was A Very Good Year Flaming Lips Kayla
Backyard BBQ accidents Fred/Kumquat BBQ Paristetris TM
Bacon Kail Ice Ice Bacon Trotters TM
    Bacon Fat from 7" Larry Bright TM
Sounds of/for cooking DJ Empirical Vincent Price - Yacht Rock Sailing Intro Yacht Rock TM
    Dinner The Evolution Control Committee TM
Vincent Price Erik F Vincent Price - Yacht Rock Sailing Intro Yacht Rock TM
    Dinner The Evolution Control Committee TM
Ostrich Casio David Crowe Rides an Ostrich The Bob and Tom Show TM
    Ostrich Hunt Les Baxter TM
    Ostrich Feathers Played on Drum Moondog TM
    Ostrich War Lotte Anker; Sylvie Courvoisier; Ikue Mori TM
Pregnancy complications Dokto Zirroneous mic in track 5 Christopher Sommers TM
    Pregnant Cheerleader Song Kid606 TM
    Nuns Are Pregnant (The Medium is Born) Alien Vampires TM
Fecal transplants (yes, that is a real medical thing) Kail Emma on Fecal Transplant.mp4   TM
Robohormones Erazuu Bill Nye the Hormone Guy   TM
    My Robotics Project x 2 Wisbey TM
    I Love You (Miss Robot) The Bungles TM
    Worship the Robots DJ Swamp TM
Robot fail Duke Decibel My Robotics Project x 2 - mixed Wisbey TM
Charcoal math Charcoal #1 Strangers Die Every Day TM
For two weeks they only ate what they found in their beards David Epstein Man says he was forced to eat his own beard   TM
Music to test atomic weapons buy Tom Mansell Atomic Platters v. 1-5 The Atom Smashers TM
Drunken karaoke Duke Decibel Forced Songs from Default's Greatest Hits   TM
Newspaper Dolly Whoette How to Make Doll Newspapers   TM
Moss Lauri Lynnxe Murphy Red Moss Boards of Canada TM
    Moss Dance Robert Rich TM
Record setting twine-ball Fred/Kumquat World's Largest Ball of Twine America's Heartland Series TM
Drunken gondola ride Fred/Kumquat Pizza Party Played Wrong   TM
Inflatable dinosaurs Fred/Kumquat Dinosaur Flatulence norelpref TM
    Death of the Dinosaurs Human Skab TM
Petroleum supply curves 2010-2100 Bezoar Peak Oil Canon Law TM
    Out of Gas Modest Mouse TM
Bat guano KeNTKB Batshit Crazy Noizee Kayla
Revenge Babsy Theme from the TV show Revenge   Kayla

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