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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2014.09.01:  This vs That

Porpoise vs Dolphin... Alligator vs Crocodile... Duct Tape vs Duck Tape... Jam vs Jelly...Fall vs Autumn... and many more on this episode.  Our penultimate show before we go on sabbatical for 3-4 months!

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

What vs. what: Band: Song:
Axe vs. ask Cex An Axe for the Frozen Sea Within Her
Duct tape vs. duct tape Felipe Sa Duck Tape Addict
  Freezepop Duct Tape My Heart
Taiwan vs. Formosa DJ Noodles Taiwan
Alligator vs. crocodile The Uncluded Alligator
  Bernard Gerard Le Crocodile Porta-coe
  Allsorts Crocodile Walk
Hippie vs. hipster Hippie and Hipster Introduction of the Music
Dolphin vs. porpoise Brian Lewis Smith Inner porpoise
  Mr. F. Le Mur Dolphins
  Ryuichi Sakamoto Dolphins
Frog vs. toad Modeselektor The Dark Side of the Frog
  Moondog Frog Bog
  Skeetaz Toad Ya
Onion vs. scallion vs. shallot Zerox Scallions v.3
  Rubberinc Shallots
  Bezoar Onions
Manatee vs. dugong Visceral Manatee
  Ergo Phismiz and Irene Moon Manatee Dugong
Jam vs. jelly Newcleus Jam on Revenge
  Lemon Jelly Nice Weather for Ducks
Chicken vs. hen DJ Pantshead Chicken
  Doc Watson Cluck Old Hen
  Mr. F. Le Mur Chicken Hearts
Tortoise vs. turtle Henry the Rabbit Black Tortoise of the North
  La Monte Young Tortoises Dreams and Journeys
Indian vs. Indian Kesarbai Kerkar Jaat Kahan Ho
  Navajo Tribe Night Chant
Tortoise vs. turtle DJ Food Turtle Soup
Groundhog vs. woodchuck Bay State Rappers Woodchuck
Pig vs. hog Cooley Pie Two Pigs and a Hog
Pop vs. soda DJ Earworm The United State of Pop 2013

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