Torture Music - MP3 from ECC's Shouting Fire radio show

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Have you tuned into Shouting Fire yet?  Our spunky li'l internet radio station (a spin-off from our BMIR 94.5 FM at Burning Man) is growing quickly, sprouting about 3 new weekly shows EVERY week.  The ECC's TradeMark G. hosts The Sound Of Plaid every Thursday (see the schedule for airtimes), where you can hear strange audio gems from the ECC archives.

During Show #003 last week there was a segment called Torture Music.  In a recorded interview, Justine Sharrock tells about the musical tastes of American's torturers (aka interrogators, at Guantanamo as well as Iraqi prisons).  It seems that cruel streak involves playing music for the detainees, loudly and repeatedly (some repeat times are measured in days).  Our Torture Music segment blends her interview with the songs she names, mashed up into an increasingly aggravating (and repetetive) 17-minute mix.