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The ECC Story

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 09:09

The Evolution Control Committee's incredible history of accomplishment and achievement, presented for the enrichment of all!

Actually we did this video at least 7 years ago, and realized recently that it hadn't made it onto our YouTube channel.  A convenient find, especially since the channel was getting a bit stale since we haven't made any new videos for quite some time.

And thus we present to you -- THE ECC STORY.


Free Mumia... to good home

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Thursday, 25 February 2010 10:45

DJ Empirical reminded me of this old poster hack, which I realized wasn't on the site anywhere -- but it is now:



Cute cuddly Mumia.  Litter-trained, mostly indoor.
Not neutered.  Has had shots.


FBI Warning - Exercise Your Copy Rights

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Thursday, 27 December 2007 17:20

When copying DVDs with DVDShrink, one great thing you can do is save disk space by substituting a still image for a video segment. It's great to take out that irritating FBI scare tactic that clogs up the first minute+ of your DVD, not to mention also removing the user-unfriendly restriction on skipping the track. But sadly DVDShrink can't change the length of that portion -- if you substitute it with a black screen, you still have to look at a minute+ of a black screen. So, I made this improved (and educational) version.


Altered FBI Warning


Text (for you search engines... and the blind):


Copyright owners, and not the FBI, include these
warnings of severe civil and criminal penalties to
scare you. In real life, you've probably already
committed dozens if not hundreds of copyright
violations. Has the FBI busted you yet? No.
In fact, you can legally reproduce copyrighted
materials, without permission, in cases of Fair Use.
And you're allowed to make one backup copy of
this entire DVD if you purchased it. Legally.
Did they tell you any of that? Of course not.



Sound Of Plaid Archive: Special Guest JASON FORREST

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Monday, 11 August 2014 09:26

Jason Forrest

We've been fans of our next special guest for years.  In that time Jason Forrest has been active under many incarnations: from host of WFMU's AD&D show under his ill-fated DJ name DJ Donna Summer (seems there was already a famous Donna Summer; who knew) and on to starting the Cock Rock Disco and Nightshifters labels and even his own TV channel, the incredible Network Awesome... he even developed his own app.

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

Band: Song:
Donna Summer Steppin' the Fuck Out
Jason Forrest Crushed Pop
Jason Forrest Why I Love ELO
Jason Forrest My Favorite 36 Punk Songs
Jason Forrest Pragues Not Dead
Jason Forrest New Religion
Donna Summer vs. Ove-Naxx Disco Satan
Jason Forrest Iggy and Bowie on Dinah
Jason Forrest War Photographer
Jason Forrest Biker Movies
Jason Forrest Gold Bluff
Jason Forrest Archive
Donna Summer TV Star
Donna Summer Antonio Sant'dlla
DJ Donna Summer Intro
DJ Donna Summer Jump
Donna Summer vs. Ove-Naxx Vibration
Jason Forrest Dreaming and Remembering
Jason Forrest Vader Over Me

Want more?  Pop on over to The Sound Of Plaid archives where you can find over a hundred full episodes of our radio show, ready for you to download or listen to whenever you want.  Free.


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