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Special guest TRUUS DE GROOT Monday on Sound Of Plaid

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General ECC News

Saturday, 14 June 2014 04:01

Truus De Groot

Our next radio show welcomes Dutch musician Truus de Groot!  Her career as a musician and singer has spanned several decades, propelling her from Eindhoven to solo performances and group collaborations (Plus Instruments, Rhys Chatham) throughout the world.  She's also designed her own electronic instruments, some of which she brought to Columbus for her excellent 2014 Fuse Factory performance.

More Truus:  |  |  YouTube

Listen and chat with us during the live show Monday, or catch a repeat airing through the week:


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Church Bell Flash Mob!

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Concert and Performance Dates

Sunday, 21 October 2012 10:17

TradeMark at Trinity Church[[ Update 2012.10.26: Rain shmain, we're doing it anyway! Actually chance of rain drops to 10% by 5pm, so come! ]]

TradeMark G.'s composition for church bells is currently ringing throughout downtown Columbus from the bells of Trinity Episcopal Church across from the Ohio statehouse, part of the great Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 project. TradeMark's piece plays through the end of October, with a closing reception on October 27 which I'm giddy with excitement over -- 'cuz we're gonna have a Church Bell Flash Mob.

At exactly 5pm this Saturday 2012.10.27 we will be on the street in front of the church (corner of Broad & 3rd), a motley collection of musicians, stilt-walkers, oddball artists, and a cast of short-attention span witnesses to this ten minute duet of church bells and electronic beats.  That's right -- beatmatched bells, tempo locked and in sync.

Ever heard that before?
No you haven't.

And likely won't ever again.  Don't miss this unique event, and don't be late -- the bells go off automatically at 5:02pm so we must be on time.  Don't bother showing up at 5:10pm; we'll be done and on our way to the Grass Skirt tiki bar for drinks & snacks to celebrate.

WHAT:  Church Bell Flash Mob
WHEN:  This Saturday 2012.10.27 / 5PM EXACTLY!
WHERE: Trinity Episcopal Church / corner of Broad & 3rd Streets / Columbus, OH
HOW MUCH: Free!  And show up in costume!

Facebook Event:

Here's a video of the full church bell composition for you to practice your street dance moves to:


Big thanks to Trinity Church and their carilloneur Nick!


Awesome Outback ECC Photos

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008 11:12

The Evolution Control Committee performed a short while ago at the Outback Music Festival -- and the photos they sent of our show are jaw-droppingly great:  (click to zoom)


Almost steampunk-ish... how'd that happen?  We performed in a barn at a hot springs...

Thanks KaTreeZ!



Seeking Listener Requests for Monday's radio show!

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General ECC News

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 10:59

Sound Of Plaid logoTime for another one of our vague yet oh-so-awesome Listener Request episodes of The Sound Of Plaid!

Once again we invite listeners to make requests for vague concepts only... no specific songs.  But don't worry; the perfect song to match your concept will be chosen -- either by us, or by other listeners.  Wisdom of the crowd, y'know?

To coordinate this game of indirect connections our listener request system will take your requests and let you suggest matches for others' requests.  So get vague and make your request below!

Previous listener requests are below...
want to help match a song for one?

Click here and type it in!


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