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Shouting Fire radio stream nears launch

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General ECC News

Friday, 22 February 2008 19:47

For those that attend Burning Man every year, you might have noticed a familiar voice on the radio -- yes, "The Voice of The Man" on BMIR 94.5 FM is none other than The ECC's TradeMark G., who also ran the station last year.  BMIR combines a great collection of DJ talent, but unfortunately for only one week a year, and for a limited audience.  These limits irked the bright minds of BMIR, so -- surprise -- they decided to do something about it.

That "something" is now Shouting Fire, a new year-round 24/7 internet radio station.  Its launch date is February 29th 2008 (Leap Launch!) but as a teaser-test there's a handful of programs being aired daily.  Along with a one-hour program from TradeMark, there's an exclusive Abbie Hoffman interview and other shows airing twice daily.  Once Shouting Fire is launched, TradeMark G. will host a weekly show every Thursday.

Take a listen!



Shouting Fire Leap Launch

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General ECC News

Thursday, 28 February 2008 11:52


    Those who've followed The ECC's Burning Man experiences for the past few years will recall The ECC's involvement with BMIR 94.5 FM, Burning Man's radio station.  The great times of broadcasting for that week in the desert are sullied by just one thing -- it's only for that one week.

    Well, we aren't the only ones: The rest of the BMIR staff felt the same way, so we've all done something about it.  And that something is Shouting Fire, a year-round internet radio station spun off and inspired by BMIR and Burning Man.  And it launches this Friday, February 29th 2008...


    To celebrate, we'll be broadcasting live from ECC Studios from about 4:30pm to 10pm Pacific Time (7:30p to 1am Eastern).  Tune in and join the celebration!  First 1,000 listeners get in free at:


- TradeMark G. & The ECC

Read more: Shouting Fire Leap Launch


ECC on Shouting Fire EVERY Thursday

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General ECC News

Thursday, 06 March 2008 16:10

Now that Shouting Fire has launched, you'll get a weekly fix of ECC:  Every Thursday The ECC's TradeMark G. hosts The Sound Of Plaid, a two-hour show "putting the 'free' in free-form" music.  Tune in for the widest variety of music anywhere, with background and stories about why that music is important.  Also hear rare ECC tracks, new experiments, live performances, and more!

You can hear The Sound Of Plaid every Thursday three times a day: 10am, 2pm, and 6pm (Pacific Time).  Shouting Fire is on the air 24/7 -- tune in and listen!


ECC On The Road: Toronto; Cincinnati

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General ECC News

Saturday, 14 June 2008 19:29

The ECC returns from a successful venture to the northeast:

TORONTO:  The debut of our performance " Space: The Vinyl Frontier" at the Deep Wireless Festival went very well, and earned us some very positive reactions and feedback.  Mucho documentary materials were juggled live via vinyl, thanks to Ms Pinky's Interdimensional Wrecked System (quite appopriate for the intergalactic Voyager Golden Record).  We hope to acquire a recording of the show from Deep Wireless in the future, but until then you can enjoy this blog entry from, including a nice video clip:

Culture jammer TradeMark G. (aka Mark Gunderson) did a half-hour-ish set following the Deep Wireless ensemble / PORTRAITS IN SOUND 2 performance, with Kaos pad and tone arm and laptop etc. in tow. 

Clip from SPACE: THE VINYL FRONTIER by TradeMark G. from justing on Vimeo.

There's also a good set of still photos on Flickr courtesy of Lab Rat's Sean C.

CINCINNATI:  DJ Empirical invites The ECC / DJ Pantshead as a guest DJ at Schwartz, the night he and The Librarian run at the Clique Lounge. In addition to the swell flyer/poster he made for the night, he also took some video:

SCHWARZ vids on youtube, part 1
last night i upped a few of the short vids i took at SCHWARZ last week. they were a bit dark so i lightened them a couple notches. i'm no video guy, so they kinda look like crap, but whatev.

Empirical also put up a set of Flickr photos from the night, including one additional video clip.



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